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Cindy has an uncanny ability to bring sanity and compassion to the table or the courthouse as she takes the hard line but keeps that door open to amicably resolve the toughest cases.

~ Mickey Sherman

Cindy Hartwell brought her skill, experience, tenacity and compassion to my case with excellent results. My divorce was about managing a series of very challenging custody, financial and emotional issues. Cindy treated my case with a high degree of personal interest, responsiveness and attention. During this most difficult and stressful period of my life, I felt fortunate to have Cindy help and defend me to bring about the best results for me and my family.

~ C.J.

Dear Cindy,

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I really appreciate the way that you have fought for me when I could not do so for myself. When you fought for me, you fought with passion that could not be easily matched by others. You really worked hard to let me speak up for myself in our recent court case, and that meant a lot to me that you valued my opinion, because the opinions of kids my age are not highly valued by most. When my mom told me that you cried for me in court, I fully realized the effort you have put into helping me be happy.

When I first met you, I remember being surprised of how real you were, if that makes sense. I always thought of a lawyer as a cold hearted person who cared mostly about money. In my mind, a lawyers was always in a suit, all business, no pleasure. Although that can be great for some people as a way to get the job done, I do not believe that this would make a good lawyer. If a person does not have passion for their job, then I do not believe that they can do a good job as it since they do not fully believe in what they are doing, they will not try as hard. You contain two aspects that make you a great lawyer, intelligence and passion. I look up to you for this. When I found how you have helped me and others, it inspired me to consider being a lawyer as a career.

There are many ways you have helped me. For one, when you worked on the case between my grandparents and my mom, you helped heal their relationship completely. Now my family is as strong as over, which really helps a lot during what is going on right now. Also, when my mom was in a car accident on the way to pick me up from your house, you watched me and treated me as part of your family. You helped my mom with her insurance and let her know what she should do in that situation. I know that you have meant a lot to my family and me.

You have taught me to have passion for everything I do, and I aspire to be as intelligent as you. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to help me.

~ Chloe

"My husband and I were immensely impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of our attorney, Cindy Hartwell. We hired her services on a refinancing of our home three years ago. She was extremely thorough and had us consider items that we had not even thought of. We were struck by her professionalism, great sense of competence, and her thoroughness as she represented us at a closing with a very large legal firm. Without hesitation we would recommend her services to others and have. We will also continue to use her services wherever they pertain."

~ Highly satisfied clients, ND and DD

"Attorney Hartwell has a clear perspective on the details and this enables her to get to the objective much faster. Attorney Hartwell has sought my input into the filing of motions so that no fact is overlooked. My weekends have become more enjoyable since I retained Attorney Hartwell."

~ S. S.

"Cindy was a major help in coordinating the closings on our new home along with the simultaneous sale of our old one. She really helped make such a stressful life event go much smoother. My wife and I were very happy with her hard work and support in our move to Newtown, and value her continued friendship."

~ Gary and Catherine, Newtown, CT

"Filing for divorce was not an easy decision for me. I did not know how to handle the reactions of my children, the responses of my wife's attorney, dealing with the courts, understanding my rights, the divorce process, filing disclosures, etc. Attorney Hartwell quickly understood my short-term and long-term objectives, proposed an effective strategy that made me feel comfortable, and recruited the right experts to help us achieve our objectives. She thoroughly prepared me for court appearances which gave me an advantage over the opposition. She always kept the lines of communication open, and returned my calls immediately. I knew I was in good hands during what would have otherwise been a more difficult time for me."

~ Mr. M.

"Cynthia Hartwell has unfailingly been available to me during the course of my divorce. Her assured guidance, professional help, and prompt action has repeatedly instilled a confidence necessary to proceed positively with moving my case toward a settlement or a trial. . . I felt that I was finally understood. She sympathized with me while carefully listening, as I presented the facts in my case to her. All of my primary concerns were effectively addressed in her case as she unveiled it. . . I cannot speak highly enough for her enormous efforts to work towards her client's goals efficiently, effectively, and without hesitation. Cynthia Hartwell backs her clients with expert knowledge, profound experience, clarity, brilliance, and a sense of control. . . Cynthia Hartwell is a proactive lawyer, a true leader, a dynamic woman, an honest and caring person, and a trusted friend. I am indebted to her for keeping such an astute watch over my best interests at all times. With great pleasure I present these testimonial words, and I encourage anyone seeking a highly effective attorney to choose Hartwell Law to direct your case's future.

~ NAB, client

"Dear Cindy, I can't really tell you how much of a joy you were to work with on the sale of my Ridgefield house, which was difficult enough to part with without the business aspect. You and Jack stayed true, right to the end, to your very principled and fair-minded sense of how things should be done. I appreciated that more than you can know"

Warmest regards,

~ Dan

"When family problems and legal issues become intertwined, it's a slippery slope for everyone. Thank goodness for someone like Cindy Hartwell, whose guidance springs from a thorough knowledge of the law as it pertains to family matters. I would recommend Cindy to anyone that is searching for a caring professional who always keeps the lines of communication open."

~ Frank CT, formerly of Greenwich, CT.

My name is James Morris. I am recently divorced and now seeking custody for my children in the state of NY. I'm the Senior television writer and producer for a large reputable Television Network. I retained Cindy after finding out that my children were being neglected. As busy as Cindy was, she spoke with me right away. Before I hired Cindy, she counseled me multiple times over the phone and advised me what to and what not to do. Taking her advice and following it to a tee, I then met with Cindy for a consultation ready to sign on the dotted line. Her expertise, knowledge and handling was like none I had ever dealt with, and continue to deal with to this day. She all but held my hand through every minor detail and concern I had. Because of her attention to detail and patience with a worried and emotional Father (Me) we won a restraining order in CT which gave me the ample time to keep my children out of harm's way until the matter was presented before the NY court. Cindy realized that New York had greater jurisdiction and informed me honestly that we could fight in CT, but it would cost me a lot of money and we might lose. She advised me that I needed to find a new York lawyer and quickly. I was desperate but Cindy had already, out of her own kind nature, taken it upon herself to find the best New York lawyers she could find for me. After I permitted her to do so, she spoke with them and then with the knowledge that I didn't have more money to spend, she immediately relinquished her own retainer to retain the firm on my behalf. I had to be in court in two days and if it wasn't for her incredible work ethic and integrity, I would have been unprepared. My New York case is on-going and I continue to speak with Cindy as a friend and counselor, and she has become a woman that I have grown to not only admire and respect, but one who gave me faith again in a profession that has taken advantage of me many times in the past. It is my great pleasure to recommend Cindy to anyone who is in need of help form a lawyer.


~ James.

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