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You can make divorce easier on yourself by choosing a divorce attorney who is the right fit for you and your situation.

There are a number of negative stereotypes associated with divorce, such as vindictive spouses locked in bitter child custody battles fighting it out in divorce court. The reality is that each case is different. At the Law Office of Cynthia Hartwell, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, you will find an experienced divorce lawyer who listens to the specifics of your case and will offer advice about the next course of action

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is an alternative to costly divorce court proceedings. Very often couples have come to me ready for divorce with a broken marriage and simmering hostilities. They want to avoid costly and degrading litigation. They hope to be able to mediate their differences and get through the process and have asked me to act as mediator. I have worked with couples in identifying the legal issues, separating out the emotional issues, counseling them on how to get to an agreement that works for everyone. I have saved these couples years of litigation and lots of money, and the entire family is better off. Everything from child support and custody to the division of assets and marital property can be addressed and settled respectfully and maturely though the process of mediation. For more information about divorce mediation and how I can help you, contact the Greenwich, Connecticut Law Office of Cynthia Hartwell.

If mediation is not successful, I can use my experience as a divorce litigation attorney to fight for your rights in court. It just depends on which method is best for you and the situation. At the Law Office of Cynthia Hartwell, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, my goal is keep you empowered in what may feel like a powerless situation and to prepare you for life after your divorce.

Connecticut Family Law & Divorce Litigation

Contact the Law Office of Cynthia Hartwell, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, to speak with a compassionate attorney about your family law or divorce matter.

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