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Clients Bill of Rights

You have the right to be informed.

Your lawyer should explain the legal process so that you know what to expect, when to expect it, and why.

You should never have nagging, unanswered questions after speaking with your counsel.

Your spouse can't hide from your lawyer's lawful requests for information.

You should have complete knowledge and understanding of all of your personal assets, your marital assets, and your spouse's personal assets.

You are entitled to research materials, explanations, access to the judicial website and your file, copies of all correspondence and legal papers.

You should have knowledge and understanding of the trends in Connecticut marital law so that you can align your expectations with the law.

You have the right to be treated respectfully.

Your telephone calls should be returned sooner, not later. Your lawyer must be courteous.

You should be able to walk away from the end result with the sense that you were treated fairly by your lawyer and by the judge.

No one should speak to you in a demeaning manner. In your lawyer's presence, you should be safe from attacks by your spouse and his or her lawyer.

You can expect to pay a reasonable fee for services rendered.

Your lawyer must honestly report her necessary efforts expended on your behalf.

Your wallet is not your lawyer's playground.

You cannot be charged for the time spent in going over your bill.

You have the right to be heard.

Your lawyer must listen to you. She should be taking lots of notes.

You lawyer's responses must affirm your confidence in her ability to assess your case and act appropriately.

You have the right to confidentiality.

Placing your marriage into the court system usually feels like a tremendous invasion of privacy. While some facts and issues will eventually be made public, you can count on your lawyer to be extremely guarded and discreet.

You have the right to good counsel.

Your lawyer should guide you through the process with solid reasoning and wise counsel.

Your lawyer should elevate the tone of the rhetoric.

Your lawyer should give you a reasonable alternative to inflamed emotions.

Your lawyer should have a sense of humor, and know when to use it.

Your lawyer's advice will prevent you from making a bad mistake.

You should start feeling better about your situation immediately after your initial consultation.

You have the right to expect your lawyer to act in accordance with the rules of ethics.

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